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Urban Maze: Treble (2018)

by Viktor Mastoridis - Melodist

Son Sonuvam 03:21
1. Tišina, mrak i spokoj Temnina, kako svetlina Vljuben sum, i son ne me faḱa Zbunet sum Povtorno jas si ^ Treperam koga te gledam Kopne-am po tebe Umiram bez tebe So oči otvoreni * Son sonuvam, te baknuvam Seta nežnost, što postoi Ti ja daruvam, Te sakam Ti prioǵaš, nasmevnuvaš Seta ljubov, što postoi, nè obleva nas 2. Praznina, koga te nema Toplina, koga si kraj mene Volšepstvo, e ova čuvstvo Maǵepsan e sekoj del vo mene _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Тишина, мрак и спокој Темнина, како светлина Вљубен сум, и сон не ме фаќа Збунет сум Повторно јас си ^ Треперам кога те гледам Копнеам по тебе Умирам без тебе Со очи отворени * Сон сонувам, те бакнувам Сета нежност, што постои Ти ја дарувам, Те сакам Ти приоѓаш, (се) насмевнуваш Сета љубов, што постои, н ѐ облева нас 2. Празнина, кога те нема Топлина, кога си крај мене Волшепство, е ова чувство Маѓепсан е секој дел во мене _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Silence, darkness and tranquility Darkness, like light I am in love, can't sleep I'm confused Again, I am ^ Trembling when I see you Longing for you Dying without you With eyes open * I'm dreaming a dream, I'm kissing you All the tenderness that exists I give it to you, I love you You're coming near, smiling All the love, that exists Is embracing us 2. Emptiness when you are gone Warmth, when you're by my side Magic, is this feeling Every part of me is under a spell
Brat 03:44
1. Brat, Pomniš koga beše mlad Imaše vo tebe žar Imaše smea Brat, Koga sedevme na trevata Jas i ti I se smeevme bez pričina Ej brat Pomniš koga svirevme I do zori peevme Za ljubovta nežnosta * Migovi što zračat so svetlina Koja nè vodi, vo ovoj mrak Seti se i, gledaj napred Veruvaj vo svetlosta 2. Brat, Koga odevme na pat Letni odmori bez strav I tolku smea Brat, Koga svirevme kaj crkvata Jas i ti Koga site rakopleskaa Ej brat, Nemoj da si dozvoliš Ova da go izgubiš Ova si ti Brate moj _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Брат, Помниш кога беше млад Имаше во тебе жар Имаше смеа Брат, Кога седевме на тревата Јас и ти И се смеевме без причина Еј брат, Помниш кога свиревме И до зори пеевме За љубовта нежноста * Мигови што зрачат со светлина Која нѐ води, во овој мрак Сети се и, гледај напред Верувај во светлоста 2. Брат, Кога одевме на пат Летни одмори без страв И толку смеа Брат, Кога свиревме кај црквата Јас и ти Кога сите ракоплескаа Еј брат, Немој да си дозволиш Ова да го изгубиш Ова си ти Брате мој _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Brother, Remember when you were young There was fever in you There was laughter Brother, When we used to sit on the grass Me and you And we laughed for no reason Hey, brother, Remember when we used to play music And sang until dawn For love, tenderness * Moments that radiate with light That leads us in this darkness Remember and look ahead Believe in the Light 2. Brother, When we used to travel Summer holidays with no fear And so much laughter Brother, When we played music at the church Me and you When all applauded Hey, brother, Do not let yourself To lose this This is you My brother
Anticipating 03:56
Waiting! I’m really hating all this waiting, for you. I’m merely stating - I’m so impatient with this waiting, it’s true! Waiting! No use debating that this waiting’s so blue! Anticipating, the termination of this waiting for you. Just pick up the phone, to tell me something you must have known: Missing you as well, dear, but I’ll be back! On my own, alone, I hope you’re planning to come back home I’ve something to tell, dear, you’re one thing that I lack. Waiting! ... Since you went away, it’s been a struggle to live each day Missing you made moods, dear, that were so black! Anyway, today, I’ll soon be hopeful you’re here to stay Waiting till you ring, dear, to tell me you’re now back. Waiting! No use debating that this waiting’s so blue! Anticipating, the termination of this waiting for you. Waiting! I’m really hating all this waiting, for you. I’m merely stating - I’m so impatient with this waiting, it’s true!
Did I 03:04
The day was grey and I was weary Oh, till I saw your face You spill the beauty round yourself, as rays Some things we can control But the heart isn’t lever In some ways we can behave But with love burn a fever As we were walking near the Paradise Two, but the same as one We fondled gently our hearts, and souls And like turtledoves We were hugged, we were cooing The smell of your presence gives Meaning to all the things U-u-uh, Did I ever cry I love you, I need you And I know I will not let you go
1. Did I make enough songs for you Did I write enough poems for you Did I tell you many times How much I love you How much I care for you 2. How come the words of all new love songs Sound just the same like those before It must be that true love Is very truthful feeling And this is how I feel for you * I love you with all my heart and soul Do you know That I am just a bloke   In love with you (bridge) Many times I fear that I just say too much Too many clever words can kill I love you with all my heart I need you with all my soul Simple truth for me and you
1. I see the trees and the grass and the people on it I see the road and a bench and a man on a sleep I see his face and its sad, and its lonely and hurt I don’t how, don’t know when, don’t know what went so wrong 2. I look at night and I see people walking away They live their lives, I live mijn, there is nothing to say The man is there on the bench always looking at them He doesn’t talk, doesn’t eat, doesn’t search for some thing *I That will help him He doesn’t want to live, he doesn’t want to die and he is stuck, stuck on this bench God, am I free? 3. I saw a child passing by and she sat next to him And than they talked, then they laughed, I could hear what they say I need a friend, want to talk, want to share – said the man Don’t go away, I can’t search for the truth on my own *II I can’t find it I don’t wanna live, I don’t wanna die and I am stuck Please can you help, I need a friend 4. The time flows and my days rush to come to an end The man is there, doesn’t live, doesn’t die and we’re stuck I see my life, all I’ve got, what’s the purpose of it The day we’ll die, ‘ll be the same, shall we share it then *III All the good things, All I wanna give, All I wanna share is right now With you and him The man from the bench
Stay Well 04:08
1. It's been now a month Since you called me last I don't know Where to put my sorrow Where to put my unrest I hope you're OK You're living your way I guess so An angel guards your shadow An angel guides your heart * Keep well, stay calm This is my prayer for you God bless all you do Don't lose your head 2. When we were apart I tried very hard to find you, To show the love that I'm holding Deep inside my heart And if certain times I haven't been 'round Forgive me I have never ceased to believe in you and me
Baba 04:48
1. In the darkest nights I see you, in my dreams, you wake, you rise Is it that because, you think, that I haven't forgave you Daddy, sleep well, rest well 2. I will pray to God about you, I will pray about me too Rest in peace, Baba, Baba, rest in peace and forgive me All I said for you * Please forgive me, you are always in my heart Baba, please forgive me, I am just like you, Baba 3. In the days when I am in sorrow, In the nights when I am weak I fell deep 'n myself, I long, long to talk to you daddy Pray for me Baba 4. I am fine and doing good, daddy, wish you'd come and see my place I miss you sometimes, But then, I will come to you one day We’ll meet in Heaven again * Sorry daddy, how could I say wrong for you, Baba, let’s forget all, Pray to God for me Baba
Questions 03:01
Is it light the flash and glow round me? Is it warmth the heat I feel in me? Is it love the smile that’s on your face? Is it real the picture in the haze? Why do I ask these things at all? ‘Cause the answer on all of them is – no! How come confusion meaning choices? How come depression mean just sadness? How over saturate can ease the hunger? How come illusion meaning glamour? How come I don’t know any more what I need? I am lost in a world that’s lost in greed!
Rainy Day 03:31
1. Rainy day, You're walking down the street, I see your back It's all over, Nothing more to say Emptiness, Entering my soul Loneliness, Penetrating though my consciousness Rainy day The world is like a whirl, I do not care I close my eyes Colours fade away * While the Earth is spinning, I will hope That somebody's there for me While my heart is beating, I will love Standing on the rain I will wait 2. It's not for me, To get moody, it's not the way I am It's not for me To be a drowning man Here I am Standing in the rain Here I am Walking up the narrow streets to home Bring it on All the sadness of this world Follows me Shadow in the rain
The air has grown much softer now The candles tears are pale and deep Moments move through life-times As time drifts by asleep. You're beautiful and I see the shadows Caress the shores of your gentle mind And dance on with the joy of knowing That love means love and your love is kind And dance on with the joy of knowing That love means love and your love is kind And afterwards I take your hand Escort you through to waiting dreams And hear the murmur of your smile Tell me what you've seen.
Without You 04:58
1. As it used to be I was rather lonely, rather quiet, all in myself Remembering All the happy days we used to keep for you and me Sunshine in my heart, that’s you Cloudiness in my life – without you 2. Come hold me now, Come and hold me tight, so I can feel the power of love It’s all I want Your gentle lips that touch my heart and melt me - I’ve been loved Beauty in my life, that’s you Sleepless in my night – without you, hear my heart * I never knew what’s love – without you I never knew what’s pain – without you I never dreamed a dream - without you I don’t know what I was - without you Come hold me and kiss me, my love I can’t bear the morning light When I’m without you 3. The more I do The more I listen to the sound of music I feel jailed It’s hard to tell But after every tear a part of me becomes so frail Longing in the nights, I’m dreamless Dreaming in the day, I’m lifeless, hear my heart
Korjeni 02:18
Žao mi, korjena mi žao Iz njeg’ niče drvo i šuma. Hrana i sahrana mu Čeone kosti otkriva.   Stidom se zakivam imenima u kap istine Sebe ne poznajem Iskorjenjena od svoje rose Tuđom zorom se budim Stidom se zakivam imenima u kap istine Sebe ne poznajem Iskorenjena zorom se budim   Žao mi lica i oblaka u džepovima prokletim. Iz korjena gordošću na drugoj strani mača. _///^↓^\\\_ I'm sorry, for the roots I'm sorry From them wood and forest grows It's food and funeral the forehead bones reveals I hide in shame And names, in a drop of truth Uprooted with the dew, I'm waking up with somebody else's dawn I'm sorry for the faces and clouds In cursed pockets. From the root of pride On the other side of the sword
1. Sad kad znam šta je život Iza kojeg nema više U kući od nota sviram stihovima Na stubu bez fasade 2. Sad kad ništa ne znam što je znano Ostalo zaboravljam Rado bih gradivom al' polako Na popravni pala ako me hoće * Sad kad ničija zori pokaza da gorim I kliješta se tresu dok kidam nemir Drago mi bude da sve je palo Sa stuba od stihova bez fasade _///^↓^\\\_ Now that I know what life is There's nothing behind it In the house of notes, I play with the verses On a pillar without a facade 2. Now that I don't know what is known The rest I forget, I would love to, slowly Fail the exams (ref) Now that nobody's dawn showed me that I'm burning And the pliers are shaking, while I'm tearing the restlessness I'm glad that everything has fallen From a pillar of verses without a facade
Samo Ti 03:05
1. Samo ti, me poznavaš Samo ti, me razbiraš, dušo Samo ti, zablesnuvaš Svetlina mi donesuvaš * Srce bez ljubov, k'o cveḱe vo senka Ljubov e voda i sonce zar ne 2. Sive dni, od životov Koga sam, osamuvav, dušo Tebe te zamisluvav Topla i nežna i preubava 3. Svetlina, toplina Ubavina, i milina, dušo Mi daruvaš, ti daruvam Oda na Ljubov ti ispejuvam _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Само ти, ме познаваш Само ти, ме разбираш, душо Само ти, заблеснуваш Светлина ми донесуваш * Срце без љубов, к'о цвеќе во сенка Љубов е вода и сонце зар не 2. Сиве дни, од животов Кога сам, осамував, душо Тебе те замислував Топла и нежна и преубава 3. Светлина, топлина Убавина, и милина, душо Ми даруваш, ти дарувам Ода на Љубов ти испејувам _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Only you can lead my heart Only you can take away my fears Only your heart I trust Only you, you make me live * Hold me, touch me, I'm weak, I am fragile This ode of Love I'm sending you now 2. As a plant in the shade I have grown in the shadows Not much light, not much hope Till your love has Entered my heart 3. Tenderness, gentleness Togetherness, we celebrate, our love Loving, caring, and growing old Sharing our love till the death do part us
1. Apopse ela mou, isikhi, kali To pothos pou to stithos mou to kaii svise mou Phere mou esi, melina philia Vithise esi tin xirasia stin kardia * Ki ela pio konta, m' isai makria Na se vlepo, na se angixo, na s΄ aisthanomai Kharise mou esi, nikhta mayiki Kai to kharama san erthi, peta san pouli 2. Ama erkhesai, metaxi phorese Neraïda na mou yinis ΄si emena, koukla mou Vale pano sou, kosmimata, kolies Na mou isai omorphi kai na se khairome 3. An den erkhesai, gramma stile mou Na diavazo, skephtomai kai onirevomai Grapse loyia esi, omorpha, apla Na me angaliazoun, na glikainoun tin kardia _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Απόψε έλα μου, ήσυχη, καλή Το πόθος που το στήθος μου το καίει σβήσε μου Φέρε μου εσύ, μέλινα φιλιά Βύθισε εσύ την ξηρασία στην καρδιά * Κι έλα πιο κοντά, μ' είσαι μακριά Να σε βλέπω, να σε αγγίξω, να σ΄ αισθάνομαι Χάρισε μου εσύ, νύχτα μαγική Και το χάραμα σαν έρθει, πέτα σαν πουλί 2. Άμα έρχεσαι, μετάξι φόρεσε Νεράιδα να μου γίνεις ΄συ εμένα, κούκλα μου Βάλε πάνω σου, κοσμήματα, κολιές Να μου είσαι όμορφη και να σε χαίρομε 3. Αν δεν έρχεσαι, γράμμα στύλε μου Να διαβάζω, σκέφτομαι και ονειρεύομαι Γράψε λόγια εσύ, όμορφα, απλά Να με αγκαλιάζουν, να γλυκαίνουν την καρδιά _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Come to me tonight, bring with you your peace The yearning in my breast that whispers, ease that pain in me Bring to me as well, honeyed kisses, love Douse the drought that's in the joyless desert of my soul * Come here near to me, don't stand far away So I could see you, I could touch you, I could feel your breath Please bestow to me, moments full of warmth And as the dawn comes, as a bird, you fly away from me 2. If you come this night, wrap yourself in silk So, you will be as a sylphid, as a nymph to me And attire yourself, put a necklace on, So, you'll be as pretty as a goddess, ravishing 3. If you do not come, send a letter please So I will read it, and I'll think of you, my dear one And please write to me, words of grace and joy So they hug me, cherish me and ease my heart tonight
1. Denovi, noḱi, gluvi bez glas S’kleti, studo’i, duševen mraz Čekam da dojdeš, čekam vo mrak Lik tvoj da svetne - k’o sončev zrak * Koga ne si do mene Srce ḱe mi ovene Kako da sum somelen Koga ne si so mene ** Koga ne te čuvstvuvam Grlo mi zasušuva Nešto me zadušuva Ne znam što se slučuva 2. Koga sum tažen, zamislen, tih Glas tvoj mi mili, k’o Božji stih No koga od tebe, ni traga ni glas Duša mi dzemne, tonam bez spas _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Денови, ноќи, глуви без глас С’клети, студо’и, душевен мраз Чекам да дојдеш, чекам во мрак Лик твој да светне - к’о сончев зрак * Кога не си до мене Срце ќе ми овене Како да сум сомелен Кога не си со мене ** Кога не те чувствувам Грло ми засушува Нешто ме задушува Не знам што се случува 2. Кога сум тажeн, замислен, тих Глас твој ми мили, к’о Божји стих Но кога од тебе, ни трага ни глас Душа ми ѕемне, тонам без спас _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Days, nights, deaf without sound Anxiety, coldness, soul freeze I'm waiting for you to come, waiting in darkness Your countenance to glare like a sun ray * When you aren't next to me My heart is going to fade As if I am crushed When you aren't next to me ** When I don't feel you My throat dries up I don't know what's happening 2. When I'm sad, thoughtful, quiet Your voice is dear to me, like God's verse But when there's no trace nor sound from you My soul freezes, voiceless I sink
Eli 03:49
1. Eli, Eli, eli, neli znaeš neli Site ti se čudat, a ništo ne im veliš Site ti se čudat, što si tolku vesela Što li mi snašlo, cela si nasmeana ^ Eli si na Loto nekoi pari dobila Eli si za sebe, nešto kupila Eli mi ti sino'i vesti dobri donele eli mi te svekrva kafe častila * Eli, Eli, Elena, snaško moja medena Što li mi se raduvaš i tolku razubavuvaš 2. More Viktor zete, štom me pitaš krotko Tebe ḱe ti kažam, nema da te lažam Tebe ḱe ti kažam, mažot mi veti Nova kola pri mene, za rodenden ḱe sveti ^ Nitu sum na Loto, nekoi pari dobila Nitu sum za sebe nešto kupila Nitu moi sino'i, vesti dobro donele Nitu me e svekrva kafe častila * Mojot mil maž Mario, biznismen i roditel Ḱe mi kupi količka, za ljubov i dobrodetel ! Eli, Eli, Eli, koj e kako tebe? So vakov maž i svekrva, mora da si presreḱna Pa tie mili zolvi i deveri, pa komšii besceneti Kolegi i koleški prekrasni, učenici i roditeli so uvažuvanje A sega i nova kola, kako šlag na torta! _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Ели, Ели, ели, нели знаеш нели Сите ти се чудат, а ништо не им велиш Сите ти се чудат, што си толку весела Што ли ми снашло, цела си насмеана ^ Ели си на Лото некои пари добила Ели си за себе, нешто купила Ели ми ти сино'и вести добри донеле ели ми те свекрва кафе частила * Ели, Ели, Елена, снашко моја медена Што ли ми се радуваш и толку разубавуваш 2. Море Виктор зете, штом ме питаш кротко Тебе ќе ти кажам, нема да те лажам Тебе ќе ти кажам, мажот ми вети Нова кола при мене, за роденден ќе свети ^ Ниту сум на Лото, некои пари добила Ниту сум за себе нешто купила Ниту мои сино'и, вести добро донеле Ниту ме е свекрва кафе частила * Мојот мил маж Марио, бизнисмен и родител Ќе ми купи количка, за љубов и добродетел ! Ели, Ели, Ели, кој е како тебе? Со ваков маж и свекрва, мора да си пресреќна Па тие мили золви и девери, па комшии бесценети Колеги и колешки прекрасни, ученици и родители со уважување А сега и нова кола, како шлаг на торта!


This is the third album of the Urban Maze Trilogy.
Unlike the other two, "Urban Maze: Treble" is an album of songs. As a third album it gets its name from triple, threefold, but also from the Treble Clef.
There are songs in several languages on this album: Bosnian, Macedonian, Greek and English. Also, in several genres: Balkan Rock Fusion, Greek and Macedonian (neo) Folk, Blues and Pop. The album contains previously unreleased songs and either arrangements or versions of previously released songs, recorded between 1999 and 2014.
This album contains several personal songs: two love poems dedicated to my wife Ginka Mastoridis, a song about my father Ioannis, my son Stefan, my brother Mario and another about his wife Eli.
All songs are written, performed and sung by Viktor Mastoridis, with the following exceptions:
• Korjeni & U Kuci od Nota lyrics by Maja Redžić
• Your Love Is Kind – lyrics by John Bazlinton
• Anticipating – lyrics by Richard Miles
• The Man On The Bench (featuring Djanan Turan) – sung by Djanan Turan
• Eli & Just A Love Song – harmony voice by Ginka Mastoridis
• Did I – bass by Nikolay Angarev and backing vocals by Pavlina Bogoeva.
The album could be divided in two parts: non-English and English songs.
The first part opens with two Macedonian songs in Rock/Pop/Balkan fusion style, with love and family themes. The English part of the album starts with three Bluesy songs in uneven time-signatures, followed by three deeper pop songs/ballads about inner strength and questioning the world around us. The last section contains several love songs in Pop/Rock style.
Followed by three Macedonian and one Greek love ballads in neo-folk style, including one humorous, up-tempo song. Ending with two elegiac, self-reflective Bosnian acoustic pop ballads about belonging, with lyrics from Maja Redzić.

The first album of the UM Trilogy is "Urban Maze: Common" – featuring guitar and other instrumentals in Common, 4/4 time-signature and common Western scales. The second, "Urban Maze: Uneven", features instrumentals in uneven time-signatures or uneven (unusual) scales, typically used in the music of the Balkans. These are similar to the Western scales, just sharpened and flatted here and there to achieve a certain emotional tension.


released December 3, 2018


all rights reserved



Viktor Mastoridis - Melodist London, UK

Viktor is a composer of music ranging from Rock and Hip-hop in ex-Yugoslavia to Greek & Balkan Neo-Folk and Blues Fusion in London, UK.
He sings and plays the guitar, bouzouki, bass, baglamas and tambura; including drum machine and midi sequencing.
Influenced by Peter Green, Santana, Clapton, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to Dalaras, Tsitsanis, Nikola Badev, Smak & Yu Grupa
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