This instrumental is played with a Prim, or Tamburica Prim as some call it.

This instrument is very popular in Vojvodina (Serbia). There they have many so-called "Tamburashki Orkestri" - orchestras of tamburas, in other words. The sound of these orchestras is rich, but mellow, it's full of goodness and feel-good factor. They play instrumental versions of songs as well dances.They play jolly songs as well as songs of sadness and sorrow. They (used to) portray the life in the villages of Vojvodina in its simpleness and beauty. Today these orchestras are the keepers of the memories of this life that is slowly being replaced with the modern, urban-style village life (Facebook, ultra-modern farms and machineries etc).

Check out the sound of the beauty of sound of these orchestras on youtube.

When good Vojvodian singer hires a "Tamburashki Orkestar" for his/her concerts and recordings, the combination produces pure magic of meek, beautiful and soothing music that purifies the heart. One of the best examples is Zvonko Bogdan.He sings the Blues of Vojvodina, he tells the stories of its people in a manner that you simply don't want him to stop.

It's no surprise than, that the Prim, one of the smallest and sweetest instruments from the Tambura family, spread in the homes of the Balkan people and became popular. Before the 2nd World War, I hear that every other city family in Macedonia possessed a Prim, it was a matter of status to have one, and especially to be able to play one:-).

So, when I saw one in one shop in Skopje (Macedonia) for a price that I could afford, I bought it. I managed to record several songs and instrumentals with it. A few tears later it broke - partly my mistake, partly my son's.

The Green Landscape instrumental is one of those rare tracks where the Prim is prominent. In my own fashion, I try here to escape the traditional sound and to make it a bit more contemporary.

Actually, it was recorded as an electric guitar instrumental, in light Greek style. But I felt that the Prim matches the lightness of the melody a bit more.

When my good friend Tolga once heard the demo of this track with the electric guitar, he said that I have to record it as in the demo. And so I did and that's why are two version of this track.


from Restless (2006), released October 2, 2006


all rights reserved



Viktor Mastoridis - Melodist London, UK

Viktor is a composer of music ranging from Rock and Hip-hop in ex-Yugoslavia to Greek & Balkan Neo-Folk and Blues Fusion in London, UK.
He sings and plays the guitar, bouzouki, bass, baglamas and tambura; including drum machine and midi sequencing.
Influenced by Peter Green, Santana, Clapton, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to Dalaras, Tsitsanis, Nikola Badev, Smak & Yu Grupa
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