Marie, Dilber Bela Marie

from by Viktor Mastoridis



A beautiful Macedonian traditional song, elegiac, dreamy and peaceful. The story is about a lady who thread heddles on a loom for weaving; and she is quietly crying; the storyteller asks her whether the loom or its parts are broken? She replies that neither the loom nor its parts are broken, but her darling is in a jail in Bitola (a city in Macedonia).


Марие, дилбер бела Марие, (х 2)
што кротко такеш ле, ем плачеш. (х 2)

Дал’ ти е разбојот расипан, (х 2)
ил’ ти е брдото скршено. (х 2)

Нит’ ми е разбојот расипан,
нит’ ми се нишките скинати
нит’ ми е брдото скршено,

Тук’ ми е либето далеку
Во таја, Кара, море Битола,
во тија, темни море зандани

Marie, dilber bela, Marie (x2)
shto krotko, tkaesh mori, em plachesh (x2)

Dal-ti e, razboyot rasipan (x2)
il-ti se nishkite skinati
il'ti e, b'rdoto sk'rsheno

Nit-mi e, razboyot rasipan (x2)
nit-mi se nishkite skinati
nit-mi e b'rdoto sk'rsheno

Tuk-mi e libeto daleku (x2)
vo taya kara more Bitola
vo tiya temni more zandani


from Calm, released October 4, 2006


all rights reserved



Viktor Mastoridis London, UK

At the moment working on a new album with a London-based band Valkania.
Musical influences: started with Blues (Eric Clapton, Peter Green), then Classic & Prog Rock (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen, Yes), moved to Hip-Hop, discovered Balkan Folk (Greek & Macedonian); involved in Children's Educational music...
Settled with Balkan World Music: a Fusion of all the music experiences so far.
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