A lyrical Macedonian traditional song about a woman who is longing for her beloved who is in jail. Having in mind that the song is probably composed during the Ottoman occupation of Macedonia, probably her boyfriend was a sort of rebel (vojvoda or komita or similar).


Marie, dilber bela Marie,
Što krotko takeš le, em plačeš.

Dal’ ti e razbojot rasipan,
Il’ ti e brdoto skršeno.

Nit’ mi e razbojot rasipan,
Nit’ mi se niškite skinati
Nit’ mi e brdoto skršeno,

Tuk’ mi e libeto daleku
Vo taja, Kara, more Bitola,
Vo tija, temni more zandani



Марие, дилбер бела Марие,
Што кротко такеш ле, ем плачеш.

Дал’ ти е разбојот расипан,
Ил’ ти е брдото скршено.

Нит’ ми е разбојот расипан,
Нит’ ми се нишките скинати
Нит’ ми е брдото скршено,

Тук’ ми е либето далеку
Во таја, Кара, море Битола,
Во тија, темни море зандани


from Pesnite Zvezdeni (2007), released February 1, 2007
Music: traditional Macedonian
Viktor Mastoridis: arrangement, vocals, guitars, tamboura


all rights reserved



Viktor Mastoridis - Melodist London, UK

Viktor is a composer of music ranging from Rock and Hip-hop in ex-Yugoslavia to Greek & Balkan Neo-Folk and Blues Fusion in London, UK.
He sings and plays the guitar, bouzouki, bass, baglamas and tambura; including drum machine and midi sequencing.
Influenced by Peter Green, Santana, Clapton, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to Dalaras, Tsitsanis, Nikola Badev, Smak & Yu Grupa
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