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Bursting (2006)

by Viktor Mastoridis - Melodist

Aggressive 01:59
Prayer 03:52
1. Standing at the edge of the life, I cry and pray What's the line, that splits dignity, pride? Where is my mistake? ^ I try to be the same as you, But I could not reach I'm too scared, I'm without faith, Emptiness I preach 2. What is the thirst, that turns my mind upside down, What do I miss? Is it the world, or is it my pride? I'm deaf, I'm blind ^ You helped every blind man Please don't ignore me I'm calling, o Lord, help me to see Please open my eyes * Cause you are, the Light in the world that shines I'm in the dark Please hold my arm 3. Sitting like Martha, I listen to you In my heart burns fire Teach me your ways, o Lord, sweet are your words Blessed is your mouth ^ I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm blind I am deaf Please feed me, please quench my thurst, Please open my eyes ** Yes you are, the food and the drink of life Please lead my heart Please lead my heart
Stone Bridge 03:13
People 03:15
1. Why I notice this awful silence Isn’t nobody ‘round here ? I just see people without eyes Without ears, without mouths * Nobody talks Nobody hears nothing Nobody speaks 2. Why I feel this awful feeling Does everybody feels the same? Why I feel so cold and lonely Does anybody feel the same? ** Nobody feels Nobody’s cold and lonely Nobody talks I am talking to you My friend, my lonely friend I don’t know about you But I just have to talk to you
1. All my dreams are perfect All my thoughts are just so good All my movements show that I am alright, ok 2. All my visions are clear All my friends are chosen well All my words and gestures are so suitable, so neat ^ But all my heart is empty And all myself is getting bored I wonder if my thoughts and visions, are all I am ^^ I guess that I am free I guess that this is all my life But then I wonder why I feel so unsociable * I am doing fine I am doing wonderful Everything is magic I am keeping smooth and cool 3. All my shirts are clean And all my jobs are done in time I pay all my bills, I pay for all my needs, I pay 4. I work in the city My payslip shows it all I think about my mortgage, pension, tax return, my car ** I am doing fine I am doing wonderful Everything is cool, I’m keeping in control
The Pipes 05:00
All The Time 04:47
1. All the time, I’m thinking about some funny things All the time - about you All about you, sometimes I can hardly understand All the time – where are you ^ Where have you been, who have you seen Are you happy, or lonely * Tell me your tears are just the same They are so cold they play the game Tell me your words are just the same No truth, no shame Tell me you never thought of us ‘Twas just a phase all our past Tell me you never had the need For love - my love 2. All the time, I'm walking around some lonely streets All the time - I'm searching All the rain, I think I absorb the freezing rain All the time - I'm restless ^ I just have to live, to hate or forgive I must go on searching
Silence 04:52
Silence I see, silence I hear, silence I feel – around me Silent are you, silent am I, silent is all, and that’s so strange Oh, do you feel, lonely as me, something is wrong, I don’t know what Please hold my hand, look at my eyes, don’t say a word I don’t know what is wrong, but I know I love you so I don’t know what’s the truth, but I love you Look at my eyes, tell me the truth, do you stil feel the same I do Tell me the truth, don’t let our love, be less than it, it ought to be I drink tonight, I sing tonight, I cry tonight - for all of those People that dream, people that hope, people that love I don’t know what is wrong, but I know I love you so I don’t know what’s the truth, but I love you
Birth 04:32
Slushni Me 04:26
1. Dopri me, gušni me, pogledni me, jas postojam, Zboruvaj, ne molči, ponesi me vo tvojot svet Se plašam sam da ostanam do kraj 2. Godini kako dim isčeznuvaat nepovratno Spomeni, vrežani vo niškite na srceto Jas ne znam što se slučuva so nas ^ Zarem tolku greševme, a sebe si se laževme Zarem tolku veruvav, se nadevav, a izvisiv I ostanav na kraj, čudno sam nenadejno Vo mislite te spomnuvam, tvojot lik povikuvam * Slušni go, mojot glas, nie si pripaǵame Slušni go mojot krik, se plašam sam da ostanam Čudno sam razočaran i napušten na kraj 3. Pomniš li, zboruvavme, nema da se lažeme Zborovi, zborovi, pusti prazni zborovi Ti vsušnost ne veruvaše vo nas _///^↓^\\\_ 1. Допри ме, гушни ме, погледни ме, јас постојам, Зборувај, не молчи, понеси ме во твојот свет Се плашам сам да останам до крај 2. Години како дим исчезнуваат неповратно Спомени, врежани во нишките на срцето Јас не знам што се случува со нас ^ Зарем толку грешевме, а себе си се лажевме Зарем толку верував, се надевав, а извисив И останав на крај, чудно сам ненадејно Во мислите те спомнувам, твојот лик повикувам * Слушни го, мојот глас, ние си припаѓаме Слушни го мојот крик, се плашам сам да останам Чудно сам разочаран и напуштен на крај 3. Помниш ли, зборувавме, нема да се лажеме Зборови, зборови, пусти празни зборови Ти всушност не веруваше во нас


Bursting is the third album of The Journey: A World of Music Quatrology, a 4-CD set released in 2006 by Viktor Mastoridis.
Its genre can be described as Balkan World / Rock Fusion Music.
It contains 13 tracks: 7 songs and 6 instrumentals.
The instrumentals are electric guitar based with overdrive/distortion.
The main feature of the album is the fusion of Balkan Folk and Western Rock music; including the transformation of odd-time signatures into Rock Grooves.
Lyrics and chords provided for some songs


released October 3, 2006

Djanan Turan - vocals on Man on the Bench
John Hudson - piano on Rainy Days
Martijn Heinzius - bass on People


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Viktor Mastoridis - Melodist London, UK

Viktor is a composer of music ranging from Rock and Hip-hop in ex-Yugoslavia to Greek & Balkan Neo-Folk and Blues Fusion in London, UK.
He sings and plays the guitar, bouzouki, bass, baglamas and tambura; including drum machine and midi sequencing.
Influenced by Peter Green, Santana, Clapton, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to Dalaras, Tsitsanis, Nikola Badev, Smak & Yu Grupa
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