U Kući Od Nota (In The House of [musical] Notes) is an acoustic guitar pop ballad in Bosnian, with lyrics by Maja Redžić. A thoughtful, elegiac and lyrical song about looking back into our past (“Now that I know what life is – And there’s nothing behind it - In the house of notes - I perform using verses - On a pillar without a façade”). The lyrics and melody are written in 2014, it’s time-signature is 9/8 (2+2+2+3).


Sad kad znam šta je život
Iza kojeg nema više
U kući od nota sviram stihovima
Na stubu bez fasade
Sad kad ništa ne znam što je znano
Ostalo zaboravljam
Rado bih gradivom al' polako
Na popravni pala ako me hoće
Sad kad ničija zori pokaza da gorim
I kliješta se tresu dok kidam nemir
Drago mi bude da sve je palo
Sa stuba od stihova bez fasade


Now that I know what life is
There's nothing behind it
In the house of notes, I play with the verses
On a pillar without a facade
Now that I don't know what is known
The rest I forget,
I would love to, slowly
Fail the exams
Now that nobody's dawn showed me that I'm burning
And the pliers are shaking, while I'm tearing the restlessness
I'm glad that everything has fallen
From a pillar of verses without a facade


from Urban Maze: Treble (2018), released December 3, 2018
lyrics by Maja Redžić, 28 January 2014 at 00:43


all rights reserved



Viktor Mastoridis - Melodist London, UK

Viktor is a composer of music ranging from Rock and Hip-hop in ex-Yugoslavia to Greek & Balkan Neo-Folk and Blues Fusion in London, UK.
He sings and plays the guitar, bouzouki, bass, baglamas and tambura; including drum machine and midi sequencing.
Influenced by Peter Green, Santana, Clapton, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to Dalaras, Tsitsanis, Nikola Badev, Smak & Yu Grupa
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